Complete Gutter Repair, Cleaning, and Accessories

Count on Rainbow Gutter Cleaning in Kenilworth, New Jersey, to provide you with all-inclusive gutter repair and cleaning services. To prevent alarming complications and long-term damage, we find potential problems before they develop. It is also very important to preform preventative maintenance on your gutters every six months, or as needed.

Gutter - Gutter Repair


At Rainbow Gutter Cleaning, we have all of your gutter repair needs covered. Our skilled team inspects the entire gutter system and underground drains to thoroughly assess the situation. Then, we provide necessary repair solutions by performing any or all of the following:

• Fix Sagging Gutters
• Hammer in Nail Tops
• Remove Unwanted Antennas,
  Birds' Nests, and Squirrel Holes
• Repair Gutter Pitches


Biannual Cleaning

Ensure that your gutters are working properly with the help of Rainbow Gutter Cleaning. To prevent overflows from damaging your home, we recommend that you have your gutters cleaned twice a year, preferably during the spring and fall.

Year-Round Cleaning

Gutters can overflow any time, and this sudden problem is caused by several factors. Incessant tree shedding, heavy winds, and storms all affect the condition of your gutter system. To mitigate problems, we offer year-round solutions. Call us, so we can provide additional gutter cleaning services through the seasons.


Improve the performance of your overall gutter and downspout system with our dependable accessories. These gutter system add-ons help correct water flow, lead water away from the home, and prevent debris build-up. Some of the items we install are:


• Basket Strainers (for Underground Drain Spouts)
• Leader Pipes (for Overwhelmed Systems)

• Gutter Screening (for Trouble Spots)
• Splash Plates

Contact us in Kenilworth, New Jersey, to get more details on our reasonably priced gutter repair and cleaning services.